Leave Stress and Burnout Behind You, Forever!

Does the blueprint of the life you are currently living feel stressful and overwhelming, out of balance and somehow ill fitting?

Your authentic and genuine self is in there somewhere, ready to be expressed. 



The History, the Mystery and the Breakthroughs

What You can Expect

12 weeks - Practical Proven methods for transformation! Proven worksheets available each week. Live group facilitation of material each week. A private community with your group members. We start from where you are.

The History

Get clear on where your belief systems and values were born and if they still fit who you desire to be.

What you've been waiting for

The mystery

Understand your stories and how they shaped you. Decide what fits and what doesn't.

The Breakthrough

Powerfully create a life of authenticity and integrity. Establish habits for being happy, joyous and free, with full self-expression.


What You Stand to Gain

Evolving into authentic living with integrity and full self expression brings many benefits. Improved health, communication, relationships, joy, freedom and balance.

Learn not only how to manage stress, but how to stop bringing so much of it in to be managed.

Gain knowledge and systems to communicate clearly, effectively and genuinely from your true self, without running the people off that are important to you.

Understand and learn how to set boundaries and recalibrate relationships.   

Explore how to live by a set of rules that resonate with you.

"Who made the rules you are living by anyway?" Let's find out.

Find Your Breath starting Today

Click the button to get 'Living Large; the History, the Mystery and the Breakthrough' program now and start on your journey back to self. The opportunity is right here, right now... You just need to take it.

"“I had to change my whole life, only she knew it before I did. Kelly lead me through that gently and directly, with plenty of education yet without judgment.” JR"

Job Title

"“Kelly is a strong guide. The meditation practice was amazing.” MG"

Job Title

"“I trusted her because she leads by example, I could observe her living life strongly in her principals, thank you.” RM "

Job Title

"“I believed I had a great team, open door policy, and very busy. After a session seemingly at play, the busy, hectic, stressed feelings went away, and we were working like clock-work, and having fun, and enjoying serving our customers more, which continues today. I have new store opening up and I'm ready to take my new management team through her training again!” RW "

Job Title

"“That was a blast! I had no idea how great my team really was. What an eye opener to me and my personality and them and their talents.” GH"


"“No matter how many times I messed up, Kelly was always there, saying 'I'm here when you are ready'.”"

Job Title

" “I participated in Kelly’s writer’s retreat in the hill country outside of Austin, Texas in 2010. In addition to brainstorming and sharing our writing projects and ideas, our small group camped, made bonfires, cooked dinner together, and had plenty of down time to ourselves. It was a great mix of guidance, direction, and independence. Kelly’s style of leading our group worked well for me: I was able to relax, take walks and photos, and enjoy my time of space and solitude between coming back to join the others for good conversation, company, and help with gaining insight to my writing goals. ” "

Music Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding and IDENTIFYING old OUTDATED programming

Identifying programming: parental figure, religion or society and the like.

Recognizing the blocks and beliefs that are holding you back > Is this your stuff?

Clearing any addictive self-defeating behaviors

Get real about what you are hiding behind and using for avoidance

Discover viable activities for fulfillment

Communication and boundaries for a new set of rules

 Rewiring the brain and letting go of judgement

Visualizations, Manifestations,      Goals, Possibilities

Connect with your Genuine desires, passions and ideals

 Mind, body and soul

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Dealing with Disharmony and Stagnation

Enjoy activities that fit and excite you

Begin To RE-Write Your Book Of Life

Be around people who inspire you

Feel good in your own skin

Let go of judgement


              Fun mentors

            Meeting your fun self

              Being at peace

              Introvert or Extrovert- find your tribe



This is a 12 week program. You have work to do and the support to do it every week. I'll not leave you hanging.

Transformation is a process. We will start at the beginning and create new habits. Those take about 12 weeks to set in.

Just your whole life! But feel free to pick a few or all of them from this list.

Clear stress and body tension

Relieve anxiety- peace and calm sets in

Connect with your passion

Experience big breakthroughs and ah ha moments

Health benefits:

living stress-free

lower blood pressure

reduce headaches and migraines

eliminate jaw pain

get blood sugar under control

regulate weight

improve positivity/minimize depression

Overall energy improvement

Creating new standards for yourself

Recognize your independent values

Discover your genuine autonomous belief system


Discover yourself & set goals and reach them

Feel empowered & excited about the future

Fall in love with yourself

Breakout in creativity

Develop more compassion for yourself and others

Be clear, concise and honest in your communication

Create healthy boundaries

Experience more ease and grace in your life

Truly love the version of yourself that shows up to play this game called life

Find your happiness

Connect with the true essence which is love

Watch your best life unfold with ease

Connect with your intuition

Create Deep intimacy and meaning in your personal relationships

Learn how to say NO and honor your yes’s and No’s

End the drama cycles and patterns

Meet your true autonomous self (Not your momma/daddy but YOU)

Learn what you like and don’t like

Learn to plan and play

Establish priorities


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