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Would you Like to Shift From Burn-Out and Stress To Freedom and Focus


· Move from Burnout to Freedom.

-How my clients shift into calm Ninja mode, having more mental focus, physically relaxed with heart, mind and body connected, while maintaining their POWERFUL position 
· The secret my clients use to feel 100% comfortable in their own skin and clearly express themselves, without alienating employees, family and friends


· Go from Frustration to Fun.

- How to stop wasting hours and even days with 'dysfunctional' downtime habits that are a complete WASTE of time, while operating at work with a clear, laser focus and zen calm

· From talking AT people to deeper communication with them. How my clients END the hostage situation with their Ego, and cultivate intimacy, clear communication and autonomy in their lives, even if they've never been able to do it before.
· How to do all of this, while reacquainting to your true self, becoming the husband or wife you meant to be and have the energy of a college co-ed.

Your Instructor: Kelly Hoten

Agent of Change, living, learning and transforming lives.  I’m a Behavior Modification and Addiction specialist, as well as Servant Leader. I am here to touch, move and inspire possibility! With a master's degree and 30 years in the field of behavioral science, it is my mission to bring about transformation. I Practice what I teach and lead by example.

Living passionately and leading others.


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