Take the Steps

Cliche perhaps, so why do I run into so many overwhelmed people?

Take the steps for starting a fitness program, literally. The first step is the hardest. Start with parking at the farthest end of a parking lot. Then take the stairs, skip the elevator. Take one floor for a week, or two, or 6 but do it. Then take two floors, repeat. Take the stairs at work, at the airport, the mall or wherever you find them. One day, you will look intentionally for stairs to take. I believe you have to start from where you are, of course where else would you start from. I was born with ham hocks for legs, yet I get complements on them. Have you seen my backpack? Hiking all over Europe and Asia with the backpack will do that! As well as taking the steps wherever I find them.

There are steps involved if you want to travel more- or at all, buy a new car, house, make a difference in the community you live in or any other project. First decide you want to, then see in your minds eye what you may want to be experiencing, how long, what temperature it is etc. THEN consider where or what that might actually be. These are the first few steps. With this motivation, ideas about how to pay for it come into sight. Look at it like this; if you smoke, and are very heavy it makes a day hike through Rome difficult. Therefore, you may want to eliminate both to some degree at least, before going. If you skip the double mocha java and opt for the drip with a little cream you save about $4 and 400 calories. Now you are on the road for two goals, one supporting the other. What about smoking? If you only smoke a pack a day that is about $150 a month, and we are not even going to get into that breathing thing right now, other than to say it is very important and makes sight seeing much more enjoyable. In 6 months of deciding to be healthier and not let anything hold you back, and just in those two steps, you can save over $1500. and address some primary issues (budget, health, goals). If you are in a recovery program, the steps are the only way. For those of you reading who are unfamiliar the [12] steps are responsible for a person being “happy, joyous, and free”, couldn’t we all use a bit of that!

Modifying behaviors always has to start with the first step. Figure out what stops you. Here’s a clue- choices, which ones have you made? It is important to look at the big picture, then we break it down into manageable parts, then step in that direction.

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