Snack Pack for Self Care

I have been boasting the benefits of the “Snack Pack” for years. All failure seem to have had a set up. A set up is any choice to fail to plan. In this case it is a failure to know that food consumption keeps one from getting hungry, grumpy, blind from a blood sugar crater, and eating crap. Yes I said it. The only time I think a chicken fried steak (with gravy of course) is a good idea is when I am starving. I know that chicken fried steak is never a good idea, there is no part of it at any time that is a good idea.

Running across an article today, I felt compelled to pass it along, in bits anyway. Dara Moskowitz Gumdahl wrote, “Prepared for the Worst”, found in Experience Life magazine (P56-57). For the purpose of this article it points out the deadline disaster, where the work takes priority over the body. Personally when my brain shuts down for lack of fuel, I am ineffective anyway. Most individuals in my circle have begun taking the “snack pack”. My brother, at my coaching and prompting has his in the vehicle always, filled with cheese crackers, granola bars, cookies and the like. No trip, or movie goes hungry. He, like many others use theirs because they are constantly on the road. This is why mine is always in the car, the primary staple Cliff bars, as well as nuts and seeds. I had jerky once, but you have to know what you are eating/buying. I opened a bag, a brand I had not tried, having purchased it at a convenience store (the main reason I pre-stock), all of a sudden it smelled like road kill in my whole car!! I am known to be thrifty, as well as being able to eat nearly anything. It was not happening. The window came open and out it went at 80 miles per hour, not the bag – please don’t litter, but the meat substance with the God awful smell. But I digress. Another friend, has the foresight to pack such things as yogurt and fresh fruit before setting out on the day. If you can manage this, all the better.

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