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There is the point of how a person is being, as different than what a person is doing? I love it when what a person is doing improves who they are being. This is generally the only time I want to discuss work; yours, theirs, or mine. Is this a callous attitude? It is only seen this way if all you know, can talk about or stand for is a job, that at the end of the day makes your grumpy or whiny. So, think about what you stand for, and enjoy it if this is what you have to share with the world at the end of the day. Now I ask again, is it a callous attitude? It isn’t about the job at hand, it is about the attitude with which you participate in it. If it is that awful- get a different one.

I know that everyone doesn’t have the kind of job that inspires them. Yet, is it possible to have something about the job that you can see makes a difference for someone else on a small or global level? It is my recommendation that you find within the mission a motivating factor. Without a motivating outcome ever present a person cannot look past themselves to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture is often that your job helps another that you will never see. That picture could be that you are a role model for someone who needs to see productivity. The big picture, may also be, that the whining and negativity is very well sucking the life from you as well as others. The universe is listening to your words, karma is paying attention. The more negativity you put out there, the more it will surround you. Have whatever type of day you choose, and consider how you are expressing yourself to the world.

The other point to this is: It is important to have activities outside of your job… especially if you do not particularly like it. Hobbies, activities, clubs and social events serve to add positive impact to ones life. Then we can consider the job as a part of what goes on in life, but there are much more interesting things to talk about. From an outsiders view, we like to talk to people who are interesting. We like to leave a conversation feeling uplifted somehow, not like our soul was violated. So what kind of person do you want to be?

I you have an idea, but need help realizing it, then contact me.

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