Holiday wellness:

Holiday wellness:

How can you best, be well on Thanksgiving and Christmas? It seems whether alone or with family, there are some unique stressors. It could very well be the overload. At least within observance or experience I’ve seen an overload of food, travel, people, or sheer volume. As a general rule it is up to each person to take care of themselves. Yes, on one of the biggest sharing days the best way to do that is to take care of yourself. Take breaks, so you can approach people with kindness. If your entertaining, create several areas for people to talk and congregate. As many choose, however to do so in the kitchen, there had to be a rule around that for simple logistics and sanity; if your in here [the kitchen] you are cooking or cleaning something. And don’t use this day to punish your body or senses. I know, sacrilege! But give it a try, eat equal parts vegetables/salad to desert and whatever happens in between won’t make you cringe with gastrointestinal distress or guilt, neither of those states are very sociable.

I was asked the day before the big day of food fest, “are you ready for Thanksgiving?”, I replied, that I had been thankful for the several days prior, to enjoy some of my favorite people gathering and preparing as the numbers grew into a swelling crowd.

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