Build new habits

Building New Habits ~

It is important to build habits for sustainable health, both the physical and mental. Luckily most good habits will support them both at the same time.  So often when I make recommendations, I hear the same excuse about time - "Oh joy, another thing to add to my already crazy schedule." 

The voice of the exasperated, pinpoints the fact that the secret isn't, necessarily to add a new thing, but to switch out that which doesn't work for that which does. Easier said than done - they say.

The fact remains, we don't know what we don't know, and we practice what we've been shown. My question is, How is that working out for you? This is not meant to sound sarcastic, so don't read tone where there is none. This is a legitimate question. 

It is human nature to only assess life when we feel we've made a dramatic mistake. Read that again. In my world, it sounds like, 'after you create drama with your choices, you seek to fix the situation'. 

Has it occurred to you to get rid of the belief systems that create the dramas to begin with?

 What answers and what questions emerge for you?

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