Adventure of Being Well

Adventure of Being Well

Are you living the life your in? Are you living the life you love? Are you loving the life you live?

This page is to move you. Indeed to touch, move, and inspire you to your dreams. Not mine, not societies – Yours!

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Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box, (Deepak Chopra)

I love to travel! More than looking at old buildings, or taking pictures to hang on the walls. I love meeting people from other countries and cities. Learning about cultures. What is a culture made up of? Cultures are made up of people, architecture, food, entertainment, transportation.

You may just want to look at pretty things. That is fine. Maybe you just want to shop. Whatever your motivation is don’t let fears stop you. Do you think you need to win the Lottery to go to another country? Think again!

Is Health or fitness something you feel you “should” be doing? Well, yes, it is. Be kind to your body, and responsible for your choices. Would you like to live a little longer without having to have a caretaker? Want to pay less for health and life insurance and costs? A little forward thinking for motivation is a good idea. What do I mean, ‘forward thinking for motivation?’, Did you know the tower at the Duomo in Florence Italy has 417 steps? You want to be ready! Don’t let your health and fitness stop you from playing.

Do you feel you are wound up all the time, or just don’t have enough time? Enjoy being connected to yourself and to others? I can help. I once heard a key note speaker at a conference state [of healthcare workers] “To be burned out, you must first be on fire”. I love it! There are lots of people with passion who are not channeled clearly enough in themselves to share and help others. The other quote I love states that, “we cannot share/teach/give away that which we do not possess”. Connect and be whole to be more effective in your relationships, jobs, hobbies, parenting and even in sitting still. Meditation comes in all forms, by many different names. Download, or youtube, or find an app for meditation that will instruct and inspire.

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