Leave Stress and Burnout, Gain Vitality, Energy and Freedom

Does the blueprint of the life you are currently living feel stressful and overwhelming, out of balance and somehow ill fitting?

Your authentic and genuine self is in there somewhere, ready to be expressed. 

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What You Stand to Gain

Evolving into authenticity and autonomy, living with integrity and full self expression brings many benefits. Improved health and vitality, connected communication, powerful passionate relationships, joy, freedom and balance. Satisfaction in life.

Learn, not only how to manage stress, but how to stop bringing so much of it in to be managed.

Gain knowledge and systems to communicate clearly, effectively and genuinely from your true self, without running the people off that are important to you.

Understand and learn how to set boundaries and recalibrate relationships.   

Explore how to live by a set of rules that resonate with you.

"Who made the rules you are living by anyway?" Let's find out.

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What You can Expect

The History

Get clear on where your belief systems and values were born and if they still fit who you desire to be.

The mystery

Understand your stories and how they shaped you. Decide what fits and what doesn't. And clear them once and for all.

The Breakthrough

Powerfully create a life of authenticity and integrity. Establish habits for being happy, joyous and free, with full self-expression.


Find Your Breath starting Today

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"I had to change my whole life, only she knew it before I did. Kelly lead me through that gently and directly, with plenty of education yet without judgment. JR"

Heavy equipment operator

"Kelly is a strong guide. The meditation practice was amazing. MG"


"I trusted her because she leads by example, I could observe her living life strongly in her principals, thank you. RM "

Office manager

"I believed I had a great team, open door policy, and very busy. After a session seemingly at play, the busy, hectic, stressed feelings went away, and we were working like clock-work, and having fun, and enjoying serving our customers more, which continues today. I have new store opening up and I'm ready to take my new management team through her training again! RW "

Jasons's Deli GM

"That was a blast! I had no idea how great my team really was. What an eye opener to me and my personality and them and their talents. GH"

CEO Whataburger

"No matter how many times I messed up, Kelly was always there, saying 'I'm here when you are ready'."


" “I participated in Kelly’s writer’s retreat in the hill country outside of Austin, Texas in 2010. In addition to brainstorming and sharing our writing projects and ideas, our small group camped, made bonfires, cooked dinner together, and had plenty of down time to ourselves. It was a great mix of guidance, direction, and independence. Kelly’s style of leading our group worked well for me: I was able to relax, take walks and photos, and enjoy my time of space and solitude between coming back to join the others for good conversation, company, and help with gaining insight to my writing goals. ” "

Music Manager

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